Grow the superfood known to kill cancer

Champion Radish

Don't you hate getting hooked by the crafty headline only to read an article tells you nothing you didn't already know?  Bump that.  It is the radish that beats cancer.

This weekend I was reading the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention when I came across a fascinating study about radish induced apoptosis.  Whaa? 

Its elementary.  Apoptosis is the process where by cells die.  4-Methylsulfinyl-3-butenyl isothiocyanate (MTBITC) found in the radish is a well- known anticancer agent. This study validates that radishes inhibit (lung) cancer.  Very cool. 

There is another study out of India that found compounds called isothiocyanates and anthocyanins are found in abundance in radishes and lead to apoptosis in colon cancer.  Ill take the radish over the colonoscopy...

So, to summarize: radish = good.  They grow fast and juice great.  Order a pack or two of Champion radish seeds today and get it in your system pronto.  Increase those MTBITC's and give your body the stuff it needs to get healthy and stay healthy.

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