2020 Giving Update

We are excited to share an update regarding our giving mission.  We do a terrible job of storifying all of the good things we do.  I suppose if our business was fundraising, we would need slick videos and heartwarming stories to sell our charity.  We give from the proceeds of our business which forces us to spend our efforts on productivity, not productions. 

We should also keep track of how many seeds we give and how much that would produce (like we did early) but its really not important.  Producing that kind of data forces an organization to be misleading.  We don't want anything from anyone so we are choosing to undersell our efforts.  

Giving is hard.  That's the biggest surprise out of this whole project is how hard it would be to find like minded organizations that have operations that are analogous to your mission. We choose to work with those that share God with others as part of their program.  So, while we are but a drop in the ocean in the big scheme of things, we focus on the trajectory of the ripple that we are creating in the process.

Grow one Give one is our founding model and we plan to adhere to it.  It may look differently as we consider how we work with partners, but big picture, we will always be the seed company with a cause.  And we can only do it with your support.  Thank you for supporting us and enabling us to help others.  God bless!


We created a giving model with a great group of Venezuelans expats with boots on the ground in the homeland.  Avenext has delivered our seeds to hundreds of families over the last few years in the midst of one of an economy destroyed by socialism, facism and now COVID.  









We launched our partnership with PlantWithPurpose, a great organization dedicated to Christ by equipping farming families around the world to increase farm yields, heal damaged ecosystems, improve nutrition, and increase household savings and opportunities. We were able to help 100 families this year in a very difficult time.  This is amazing!!  A quote from Doug Satre, Director with PWP.  

Thanks to the generous support of Mauro Seed, Plant With Purpose was able to provide an additional 100 farming families in Southern Mexico with seeds and training needed to start backyard gardens. Southern Mexico has been suffering a severe drought that has pushed many already struggling farming families deeper into poverty. Requests for training and seeds, especially for backyard gardens, has increased and we working hard to help as many people as possible. One partnering farmer, Angelina (pictured below), shared how Plant With Purpose help prepared her thrive despite her community’s difficulties. She says, “Most people only plant their crops like corn during the rainy season, but with help I was able to use water from my roof and start a vegetable garden. Now my children have many more vegetables to eat and are healthier.” Now at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Angelina has not only able to feed her family, but has also contributed to the resilience of her community by selling and giving away some of her crops. She is also educating her neighbors on creating their own home gardens. We are deeply grateful for the support from Mauro Seed that makes it possible for us to help families like Angelina’s.


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