The Gift of Seed

When we started Mauro Seed, we wanted to build a company with giving at its core. We think giving seed is the best thing someone can give.

When mama Mauro’s graduated from college, all she wanted to help people. So she got a job at the Tennessee State welfare office in Nashville. It was nothing like she expected. As a case worker, she saw day after day how those who worked hard hard but fell on hard times and really needed help - couldn’t get it.  Meanwhile, those who drove up in they Escalades, on Dubs, talking on their cell phones smoking cigarettes – knew exactly what to say to get maximum benefit. They put a lot of effort into learning what to say to game the system. Needless to say, this totally changed her outlook on ‘helping’ others.

We have seen other organizations like food pantries be exploited in similar fashion. Food is taken that is not truly needed but stockpiled or sold for cash. This happens everywhere. It is unfortunate because it discourages charitable help or giving. We are over that.

This is why giving seed so great. When you buy a pack of seed from Mauro Seed Company, we give a pack to someone in need. The seed we give is not a handout. It’s not welfare. It is a promise. A promise that with some hard work and care, you can produce more food than you can even eat - and seed for the following season.

Seed is a gift that gives and gives. We are proud to give the promise of seed - and people truly in need appreciate the gift. So grow and give with us. Please join us in our goal to give enough seed to grow one million pounds of food this year. Thanks.

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