5 New Years Resolutions in 1

The Mauro Seed Company is here to rescue you from yet another year of failed New Year resolutions with the help of fine heirloom vegetable seed.  Buying seed will help you in 2016: 

  1. Lose Weight.  When you give your body nutrients, it stops asking for food.  Vegetables like kale, broccoli and tomatoes have few calories but tons of nutrients.  Finally lose that 10 pounds this year by growing your own vegetables. 
  2. Save Money.  With the cost of food rising rapidly, growing your own can save you big bucks.  A pack of seed can produce up to 200 pounds of food.  Watermelon, tomatoes and peppers offer huge big bang for the buck.
  3. Get Healthy.  Another resolution solved by seed.  Your body tissue is chemical sponge.  Growing your own food allows you to eat food free of the toxic herbicides and pesticides sprayed on commercial crops.  Plus, genetically modified food leads to intestinal damage and cancer.  Broccoli and corn are the worst offenders.
  4. Help Others.  The Mauro Seed Company proudly gives seed to those in need.  For every pack of seed you buy, they donate one to someone in need.  Because their seed can be harvested, your gift will multiply each and every year thereafter.  An awesome company doing awesome things.
  5. Drink Less.  Our only answer for this is fewer days in a week.  Still working on this one...   

Heck, 4 out of the top 5 resolutions from a 2 minute blog post and a few packs of seed ain't half bad.   Order your seeds today at mauroseed.com and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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