He who controls the seed controls the masses

DNA Kill Switch

He who controls the seed controls the masses.

We started The Mauro Seed Company to sell heirloom seeds and to give seed away to help others.  As we learn more about this industry, I realize that our mission may evolve to combat the danger that we are voluntarily sowing (yep, a deliberate pun) with food industrialization.  

Today, I came across two articles - that together petrified me.  First is an article from CivilEats describing the consolidation of the seed industry by BIG SEED.  They 'license' their genetically modified seed as intellectual property and people can no longer save seed.  We are dependent on them.  Whats happening is that they are buying up hundreds of small seed companies eliminating choice and availability - killing off important seed varieties and small growers in the process.

Combine that with the next story from the Health Ranger about BIG SEED's newly found extinction gene.  Now they can put a kill switch on their seed so that you can't save their seed.   Nothing could go wrong here. 

This is a recipe for disaster.  Some really nefarious stuff happening in the BIG FOOD arena.  We are optimistic.  Humans resist control and examples of this are with us every day (future blog post). Our guidance is to get some heirloom seeds.  Grow them.  Save the seed.  Trade with others.  Learn how to do this well so you can feed yourself.  We are about food independence.  The time is now to support local growers, share your knowledge and hone your skills.

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