Four reasons you should plant a garden NOW.


Top 4 reasons to plant a garden.

The weather is warming and now is the time to start thinking about your spring garden.  If you are on the fence, here are 4 reasons to plant a garden.

1.  Know what you are eating.

It may look like corn, but its not the kind your granny grew.  Supermarkets often buy their food from industrial growers who grow genetically modified varieties of the foods you love.  For example, 92% of the corn crop grown in the US is GMO - responsible for cancer, ulcers and other bad stuff.  Plus, GMO's are designed to withstand massive amounts of herbicide and pesticide.  Guess where they end up.  Start with heirloom seed and use organic methods to know what you are really serving your family.

2.  (Your) farm to (your) table

Besides the fact that 20 other people touched your food in the supermarket, that head of lettuce was in the back of a dirty truck for the last 5 days (or more).  Visualize that - yuck.  The worst part is that food loses nutrients through respiration, oxidation and enzymatic breakdown.  Adios vitamin A,C & E.  That cross-country trip made your lettuce nutritionally impotent.  Fresh food field-to-fork in five minutes!

3.  Save a bunch of bucks.

It got real when supermarket watermelons were priced at $7.99 last summer.  #4thofboo-ly  All you have to do is take a look at this CPI chart to confirm that the cost of eating healthy has skyrocketed.  Solution: a single $3 pack of seed can grow hundreds of dollars of fresh fruit or vegetables. How about 50 watermelons for $3 bucks.  Its all about the Benjamins.

4.  Give to others

The best part of growing is giving.  If you buy a pack of seed from The Mauro Seed Company they donate one to someone in need.  Plus, the biggest problem of gardeners is growing too much!  This is the perfect chance to give fresh vegetables to your local food pantry.


David Mauro is founder of The Mauro Seed Company, the only seed company with giving at its core.  For every pack of seed you buy, they donate one to someone in need.  Follow the blog at or on Twitter @mauroseed.

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