An experiment with SEO

We are a small company with no budget - but we need customers to fund our mission. So this blog post is our attempt to link various landing pages pages to our navigation so they become discoverable by search engines.  They are landing pages so they aren't made for general consumption, but are built well enough to be found - and deliver customers to the primary site.  Not glamorous stuff, but we will keep you apprised of the organic results.


Nashville's Seed Company.

  • Created: 2/26/17; Organic Search: 000000; Conversions:

Tennessee's Seed Company.

  • Created: 2/26/17; Organic Search: 000000;  Conversions: 

 The 2017 Good Seed Catalog.

  • Created 2/26/17; Organic Search: 000000;  Conversions:

Garden Seeds Seek Gardener.

Good Seed Catalog.

Heirloom Tomato Seeds.

Herb Seeds.

Herb Seeds Seek Gardener.

Non-GMO Garden Seeds.

Non-GMO Vegetable Seeds.

Tomato Seeds Seek Gardener.

Vegetable Seeds Seek Gardener.

Pre Massaged Kale Seeds.

Kale seeds.







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