COVID-19 Demand Spike Update

The reaction to Covid caused a significant increase in demand for garden seeds.  Our order volumes spiked to such levels that we are unable to meet our industry leading same-day shipping standard. Many seed companies had 45-60 day lead times. At the height, we were at 3 business days. We proved that we were more responsive and agile than the legacy seed companies.


From March 25, 2020

We presently have seeds in stock, but people all over the country are scrambling to find seeds to grow a quarantine garden. We will sell out of all products so we are advising people to place their orders for seeds now. It's not a fear-based sales pitch, it is simple mathematics. The seeds available today were grown last year for the 2020 season. Therefore, there is a finite amount of available seeds system-wide. Unlike toilet paper or N95 masks, you can't make more until the following season.  

With demand at unprecedented levels and the seed supply chain drying up, we don't know when demand will exceed the supply. Unlike the other seed companies, we are not jacking up our prices. We want you to get high quality heirloom seeds now while seeds are still available. Gardening is good for your mind, body and soul; it reduces dependence, protects your family and supports our mission. A 360° win.

The good news is we have extra labor to assist with the operation. Our kids have been out of school for months. See Allie packing some MAURO Tomatoes below.  That's why we are getting product out faster than everyone else. :)  And for your knowledge, our family is hunkered down and highly isolated in a very rural area. Your seeds are safe.

Do note that we have run out of some packaging materials including seed envelopes so be prepared receive some frankenpacks - cabbage seeds packaged in a broccoli envelope for example. Don't worry, it will be labeled so there will be no confusion. Please do not order from us if this is a concern!

This is an unprecedented situation for this industry. We may be seeing a return to self sufficiency and independence. We welcome all new customers and we hope it can help us ramp our mission. We appreciate your business and patience. If you need anything, please reach out to me at  

Good growing and stay well.

Dave Mauro



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  • Barbara Vaughn

    Is your company set up to accept credit cards? It looked like Pay Pal was the only way to pay.

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