Garden 1.0 - The Essential Primer for New Gardeners

When we first started gardening a few years ago, we were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information on the subject. This can be overwhelming for the first time gardener.  There are 40 million gardeners, and 40 million aspirational gardeners. Surveys have found that people quit their pursuit because they just don't know how its done.

Garden 1.0

When our great grandparents were growing up, they lived on the farm and had to learn the how-to's just to survive. That knowledge has not been passed down to our generation.  The good news is that its not hard. Get out of the gates with Garden 1.0

We have distilled all of the information on the internet into twenty something pages designed for the first time gardener.  Its full of quip and pun as you would expect from us.  This essential guide will teach you the basics and most importantly the language so you can spread your wings and fly.

This selfish pursuit grows the gardening pie and hopefully allow us to sell more seed. And for every pack we sell, we donate one to someone in need.  Check out Garden 1.0 from your friends at The Mauro Seed Company.

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