Michigan's Seed Tyrrany

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued an executive order deeming gardening supplies including vegetable seeds 'non essential'.  The executive order requires a hardware store cordon off the seed section from customers.  Governor Whitmer's seed ban is an assault on our personal liberty and the compliant big-box home stores are equally detestable.

Our mission is to empower everyone on the planet to feed themselves. It was God gave us seeds on the sixth day, not some bureaucrat or home supply store. Restricting the sale of seeds is an affront to humanity. Seed is the essential element of food independence.  That's ironic given the feigned concern of 'food deserts' in Detroit.  With the food supply chain breaking down, this is a declaration of war on the people of Michigan.

Our businesses, churches have been taken away without a fight. We accepted mandatory masks and required home quarantines. This is the next incremental step of population control.  Giving up your right to grow food is suicidal. If we accept this then we will accept approved speechforced inoculations and the implanted certificate of vaccination identification to be able to get on a plane or buy and sell. 

We outright reject this fascistic control. Michiganders can buy seeds from us without fear. We will never share our customer list with the State. Plus, we are based in Tennessee and a Michigan governor cannot interfere with interstate commerce. Best of all, when you purchase, no taxes will be remitted to the Michigan tyrant. That is a real protest.

Start learning how to garden today.  Even if its just a pack of cucumber seeds, get something started so you are less dependent on others. That't the kind of people Michiganders are. You are essential. We have your back Michigan.







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