2016 goal achieved. Millions worldwide to celebrate tonight.

When we started The Mauro Seed Company, we deliberately built giving into the business model.  We adapted the TOMS shoes model - for every pack of seed our customers bought, we would donate one to someone in need.  In late 2015, just before our first 'real' year we set a goal for our company to donate enough seed to proud a million pounds of food for people in need. I created this goal big by design. It sounds big (because it is) and makes for good copy for people telling our story in media.  

But putting stretch goals for ourselves challenged us to work even harder to get there. I have worked in sales where massive and increasing quotas translates into more work and less money.  We exist to help others so putting in some extra hours was not a burden, but a blessing.  

I am proud to announce that we met our 2016 giving goal of donating enough seed to produce one million pounds of food for people in need.  We were able to deliver tons (literally) of seed this year and that is something that we are really excited about. Our great giving partners are doing God's work in teaching sustainable agriculture in Zimbabwe, Guatemala and right here in the USA.  We are honored to be able to support their efforts.

But we could not do it without our customers.  We are grateful to each and every customer who purchased seed from us in 2016.  Thank you for putting your trust in us and enduring some of our growing pains.  

And we are doubling our goal for 2017 to 2 million pounds.  We need your help more than ever so please share our story with your friends and family.  We wish you a very Happy New Year and an amazing 2017.


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