Our 2017 New Years Resolutions 🎉

2016 was a big year for The Mauro Seed Company.  It was our first full year in business; we were recognized by Forbes, the Tennessean and USA Today; and we met our goal of donating enough seed to produce one million pounds of food for some of the neediest people on earth.  We are excited for a big 2017 and what it may have in store.  I have made a list of resolutions for the business that I hope we can achieve.  

  1. Blog more.  We spent a lot of time in 2016 trying to figure out Twitter and Instagram in 2016.  My resolution is not to blog more for the sake of blogging, but to tell the story about our company, the reason behind some of the things we did, and share our vision for the future.  I need to make sure our loyal customers are plugged into what we are working on.
  2. Chronicle.  We have done a bad job of showing how our seed is making an impact around the world.  To date, we have been focused on building the business from scratch with limited resources and, as a result, and we have done a poor job of chronicling the giving part of our business.  That is a must for 2017.
  3. More fun.  We are the fun seed company and have some cool ideas for 2017.  We will keep the serious stuff here on the blog and put our "protesting produce" and "crazy crosses" on social media.  We will absolutely use more emojis in 2017 😍.
  4. Follow.  I was overwhelmed by how many people offered to help us in a variety of ways this year.  Out of the blue, people appeared that we would have otherwise never met or know - but have a specific purpose in our business.  God is providing, my resolution is to pick up what he is laying down.  Sounds simple but sometimes your plan has to take a back seat to His (plus, His is probably better anyway).

We at the Mauro family wish you a great New Year.  Don't forget, national seed buying day is right around the corner.  Stay tuned and good growing.


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