Partnering with Plant With Purpose

Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with Plant With Purpose, a great non-profit organization that works to empower people to feed themselves. They work hand-in-hand with farming families around the world to teach sustainable agriculture practices, rooted in faith, to deliver them from poverty.  

I have said many times before that giving is sometimes the hardest part of this business. Finding and vetting organizations with the same goals, values and methods that we started out to support isn't easy. We were thrilled to learn about Plant with Purpose. 

This team is doing great work in Asia, Africa and Latin America and have been doing it for 35 years.  Last year, they impacted 33,000 people.  Their model mirrors the MAURO 'empower everyone on the planet to feed themselves' mission.

We will donate vegetable seeds to Plant With Purpose to support their mission.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership with this organization.  They are a 501(c)3 charitable organization if you would like to make a donation. Check them out at




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