Quarantine Garden

It is an amazing time in America right now.  A highly contagious and morbid virus that has forced hundreds of millions of Americans into either voluntary or forced quarantine.  Nobody knows what the prolonged impact will be, but with Spring upon us, many are passing time by growing a quarantine garden

It sounds crazy, but the precedent was set during the World Wars.  Americans were asked to grow a backyard victory garden to reduce pressure on the public food supply during a time of war.  It was a way for all Americans to contribute to the cause.  While our enemy is different with this virus, there is are good reasons to grow your own garden.

  1. Food   We don't know how long this will go on.  We don't know if supply chains will break down or not. Growing your own food allows you to have a lower cost food supply that you control.  Garden seeds should be part of every preparedness plan.
  2. Morale.  You have lots of free time now. Gardening is good for the soul because its a fundamental skill that is oriented around the miracle of life.  There is no better way to unplug and take your mind off of the corona crisis.
  3. Community.  If all goes well, you will have more cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini than you can possibly eat.  You can help (and possibly meet) your neighbors by sharing.  
  4. Post.  Who are we kidding? Garden or not, you are going to be on social media more than ever.  Gardening gives you something to show off and share.  Do a documentary of your first garden.  Start today by recording you placing your order with MAURO.

We are advising people get your seeds now. It's not sales pitch, its a mathematics. Seeds were grown last year for this season therefore there is a finite amount of available seeds systemwide.  Unlike toilet paper or N95 masks, you can't make more.  With demand at unprecedented levels, we don't know if or when demand will exceed the supply.  Bottom line, its up to you to be smart, be safe and protect yourself and your family.


Quarantine Garden

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