Straight out of Compost

Compost is simply decayed organic matter. You work compost into your garden soil for three reasons.

  • To loosen your soil.  Compost mixes with minerals (ie dirt) to 'fluff up' your soil which reduces compaction. This allows your plants roots to penetrate deeper. Nobody likes short carrots.
  • To retain moisture. Organic matter holds more water than minerals and retaining water is good in the garden. It is a sponge to dirt's scouring pad.
  • To enrich soil. Compost injects nutrients into your soil. This aids in faster, stronger growth and more nutritious vegetables. There is a direct relationship between tasty tomatoes and nutrient dense soil.

And it is pretty easy to make and a provident use of available materials. Stop buying fertilizer by making your own compost. To learn how to make compost, check out his excellent article from our partners at Grow Appalachia.




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