The Future of Food is Biofortified

We started our company to help others and we are known for our Grow One, Give One model.  For each pack of seeds we sell, we donate one to someone in need.  In the course of our giving efforts, we have learned about how rampant and dangerous malnutrition is around the world.  We have also learned about the solution to this massive problem – biofortification.  

Over 2 billion people lack adequate amounts of protein, zinc, iron and vitamin A in their diets. Deficiencies of essential nutrients can cause profound and irreparable damage to the body including blindness, growth stunting, mental retardation, impaired brain development, and even premature death.

Biofortification is the process of using conventional (non-GM) breeding techniques to raise the nutrient levels of staple crops. Vitamin A deficiency causes blindness and death from weakened immune systems.  Crop researchers have developed corn varieties that have 3X the Vitamin A content of regular corn. Protein deficiency causes stunted growth. Now, a variety of corn offers a complete protein on par with dairy or eggs.

Vitamin A Biofortified Corn

These efforts are placing nutrition at the center of agriculture. Crops will no longer be bred for volume, but vitamins.  We will not measure food in cat calories, but nutritional qualities. The research that started in the 1960’s was born out of solutions to problems, not shareholder profits.

We are excited be a leading voice promoting the biofortification movement and the first company to bring the world’s most nutritious food to the United States. And with your purchase, we donate all profits get biofortified seed in the hands of those who need it most.




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