Viva Venezuela

We became really interested in Venezuela when we read about the food shortages brought on by socialism.  Articles about the average Venezuelean losing 20 lbs and people resorting to eating zoo animals.  The food shortage combined with hyperinflation has led to societal unrest and mass migration.  

We wanted to help and found a great group called Avenext, a group of expat Venezuelans living in the US.  They brought us up to speed on the situation on the ground and the logistical challenges of getting supplies to the country in the wake of embargos and government confiscation. 

Nevertheless, Avenext helped us figure out the logistics to get seeds to their outpost north of Caracas.  Moving in aid requires a sympathetic shipper to avoid government confiscation in port and a swift team on the ground to move and distribute goods before the government (and other theives) discovers it.

We shipped a large box of seeds in a pilot back in June.  The operation was a success and the seeds were very well received on the ground.  Of course, we ship open pollinated seeds so every seed we ship can produce exponentially over time.  Today, we are working on getting more seeds down there.

In working in the aid game, there is always the concern for fraud and suboptimal distribution of resources. What we have heard is that a seed package is the perfect aid package because their value is based on the grown value.  Even if seed are bartered, they will eventually end up in the hands of someone who values them based on them being grown. Thats why we believe each seed has tremendous value in a country where money is worthless. About 1 million percent inflation this weekend.

Anyway, we are working on doing more. If you want to support us outside of buying a pack of seeds, reach out to us at  Thanks.


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