Welcome 2018

We have been working hard to step up our game for you, our customers. We continue to care and put purpose before profit. We are excited to unveil our new website, expanded product offering and momentum on the giving side. 

The website has been redone and many of the problems customers have had have been resolved. We are excited that it not only look better, it works better. The 'Quick View' feature allows you to preview a product and also add it to your cart without having to load the entire product page. That is pretty sweet. Plus the search is pretty solid and we have polished up some of the pages that describe our business. 

Based on customer demand, we have made some great additions to our product offering. We have added Cherry Tomatoes to our solid beefsteak lineup. We have selected a excellent variety of size and colors that give you great options, but without having to downselect between 20 nearly identical varieties. We have added some new winter squashes too like Acorn and Spaghetti.  Plus, we have added some peppers like Cubanelle and Poblano. But most exciting of all is the addition of Tomatillo!

Plus, we are really excited about expanding our giving model to some new groups this year. We are working to get some seeds into Venezuela - but that's a pretty difficult proposition right now. And we look forward to working with our giving partners on some new varieties that could have game changing impact in the area of nutritional deficiency.

Oh yeah! We have added GardenGear , the only line of outdoor wear by gardeners for gardeners. Plus, as always, we are bringing some humor to our line - to make gardening fun again.

That's the State of the Union. Lot's to do and I hope you have a great growing season.


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