Why We Love Our Customers

One of the great things about Instagram is our ability to see what our customers are growing.  We get tagged with photos of seedlings, growing plants and harvests that came from our seed packs. It is amazing to see the result of all the little seed packs we manually toil to fill, package and send through the mail to some faraway destination.  Its heartening to see some of the tips from our grow guide showing up in these photos too.  

What is the most interesting part of this experience for us is to see just who our customers are.  If you look at someone's feed, past the the garden shots, we get a glimpse into the lives of our customers. They are all hard working, resourceful people dedicated to something important to them. They come from all walks of life - all across the country.  From a young family living the farm life in Tennessee to a crazy cool rocker chick in California.  

Like with any broad group, I'd guess that we probably couldn't agree on a candidate for the next election.  But what is really cool is that every one of our customers is bound together with a desire to help others. There are a million seed companies. Some have a better selection. Some have lower prices. Our customers make a conscious decision to buy from us because it means something to them. They help others when given a choice.  They give back even though they don't have to. At their core, they have love in their hearts and empathy for others. Its a common threat that connects us all. That's pretty special. 

This experiment has its ups and downs.  Just when I think its time to pull the plug, a realization like this us going.  It's our customers excitement for our mission that energizes us. I am proud to play a role in this project.  Who knows, maybe this is the start to a larger movement in America. We love our customers because they love first. There are very few companies that can say that. Thanks.


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