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Seedrick P. Seed


Hello. My name is Seedrick and I am a seed. My real name is actually Seedrick P. Seed XCVII. Hold up young millennial – don’t hurt yourself trying to pronounce that. It is a Roman numeral. Ninety-seven to be precise. Yep. I am the 97th in a long line of a prized, performing and proven seed family.

That give me ‘heirloom’ status. In seed lingo, heirloom means generations of consistency. Heirloom seed is open-pollinated and can be replanted the following year. That’s me. I am proud of it, but the seeds that think they are hot stuff are the confused hybrid seeds and the GMO meatheads…

Anyway, I work for The Mauro Seed Company. They sell the finest non-hybrid, non-GMO, organic heirloom vegetable seed. Plus, they give seed to people in need. They adapted TOMS buy-one-give-one model to seed. They are doing good for others and they treat seed right – heck, I have a corner office.

I write a blog for them. It’s the only blog in the business by seeds for seeds. It’s pretty cool being the only seed on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Tubmlr.

If you follow me, I will introduce you my ‘modern family’. Yeah, mine is screwed up like yours. I'll school you on Big Seed, dirty produce, seedonomics, GMO’s and those stingy seed companies. I am interviewing a huuuge presidential candidate in the next month. Follow me!

Anyway, I am pleaseed to meet you.   We are going to transform this dull, boring business. Let’s have some fun.


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