Pole Bean Seeds
Pole Bean Seeds
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Pole Beans Seeds

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Pole position. The Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is the great-granddaddy of pole beans. It is a legendary heirloom pole bean that has been a garden staple since the Civil War. Kentucky may been the losing side of the war, its gardens were the winners. Kentucky Wonder produces prolific quantities of 7-10" stringless beans. These pole beans are delicious and are perfect for eating fresh, canning or freezing. This variety has vigorous vines that require a trellis to climb and support. Veteran gardeners love vertical gardens because they are cleaner, easier to access and take up less space.  Each pack of pole bean seeds contains about 40 pole bean seeds. Enjoy.


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Seedlings growing strong and straight!

No dud seeds here. They are growing strong and true.


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We can't wait intil spring to plant these seeds.

Very fast shipping, great packaging!

Love the cute brown packaging my seeds came in. We may try some indoor growing this winter, however, most of these will be for springtime planting.

great selection glad to find the site

Planning a head i was seeking seeds and was very pleased to find this site. Only wish the seeds had been in sealed with some for of plastic, The heavy rain storm had drenched the recycled, but high quality, paper envelope. Thank you for the rapid service.

Sonia.. Yes, our mailers are made from recycled cardboard. Of course, the individual seed packets are the finest resealable, kraft lined, triple-layered Mylar packages because they are impervious to the elements. We're glad your seeds were okay, but you may want to look into a mailbox with a roof. Cheers!!

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