The Garden 1.0 Grow Guide

If you search 'how to grow tomatoes from seed' and find a gazillion articles online about how to grow vegetables. If you are a first timer, it can be overwhelming. We were in your shoes not that long ago and now know how to grow. Not only is gardening pretty easy, we have made it easier with this guide. The Garden 1.0 Grow Guide is the essential gardening guide for the rookie gardener. We distilled the internet into the basics. Because you had the gumption to learn, we are offering this for free to you. Only from your friends at MAURO Seed Co.


MAURO is a leading provider of garden seeds.

When you buy seeds from MAURO, not only do you get great heirloom seeds, but you support a great cause. Forbes, USA Today and The Organic & Non-GMO Report have profiled our company and our mission. We put our heart and soul into this business to help others. Give back with each pack and grow your best garden with MAURO.
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