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How We Give

The Perpetual Giving Cycle

When you buy a pack of seed from the Mauro Seed Company, we donate one to someone in need.  A quick primer on why we do it, how we do it and how your organization can join our mission. 

Why we give.

This company began as a personal calling - to work for the Man instead of the 'man'.  We aimed high with the goal to empower everyone on Earth to feed themselves.  We wanted to use business as a vehicle help others. The TOMS buy-one-give-one model was the perfect model to integrate giving into our efforts.  Plus, with tens of thousands of customers helping us in our mission, we can have a much larger impact than going in alone.

We love seed because it is a promise - that with work it can provide food for many.  The gift is sustainable because the seed we sell can be saved for next years crop in perpetuity.  The gift multiplies and can change the course of generations.  Finally, the miracle of growing food from seed grows ones faith in God.

What we give.

We provide open pollinated heirloom vegetable seed because it offers ongoing benefit year after year.  The seeds can be harvested and reused enabling increase and reinvestment.  The impact is more food, better nutrition, better income and empowered people.

How we give.

We have great partnerships with a variety of church and community food gardens, secondary schools and domestic and international agricultural outreach missions.  Our mission is to combine seed with the know how of planting, growing and saving seed to deliver food independence through farming. 

How you can help.

First and foremost, your purchases directly contribute to our mission. We thank you for joining our mission. If there is an organization that can help us to empower people to feed themselves, then please have them contact us using the form below.  Finally, tell your friends about us on social and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our progress and success stories.  Thank you.

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