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Great seeds; great service

Buy Non-GMO

Don't feed your family food grown from Frankenstein seeds. Mauro Seeds are Non-GMO and they are proponents of helping the community, help yourself and someone less fortunate, buy Mar Seeds.

Very fast shipping, great packaging!

Very fast shipping- can't wait to plant next year!

Very fast shipping, great packaging!

Love the cute brown packaging my seeds came in. We may try some indoor growing this winter, however, most of these will be for springtime planting.

great selection glad to find the site

Planning a head i was seeking seeds and was very pleased to find this site. Only wish the seeds had been in sealed with some for of plastic, The heavy rain storm had drenched the recycled, but high quality, paper envelope. Thank you for the rapid service.

Sonia.. Yes, our mailers are made from recycled cardboard. Of course, the individual seed packets are the finest resealable, kraft lined, triple-layered Mylar packages because they are impervious to the elements. We're glad your seeds were okay, but you may want to look into a mailbox with a roof. Cheers!!

Shipped fast and included an extra pack of lettuce seeds. Thank you very much!

A great company

Order from them! They are quick to ship, for me locally owned and awesome packaging with all the info I needed to know! The customer service is on point too. I will for sure order from them again in the future.


Purple Top Turnip


Delectable Sweet Corn

No tears here

I received everything I ordered on time! I appreciate the personal note, the dill seed and pickling cucumber seed as well...nice play on my name. I am still smiling.

Bitha.. Nike has Lebron. We have you. Your endorsement of our Dill seeds is proof that the Mauro Seed Co is the herb seed King.

fully satisfied

Lightning Quick Shipping

I received my seeds in the mail less than 24 hours after I placed the order. Full disclosure, I do live in Tennessee as well, but it doesn't change the fact the order was packed and shipped in less than an hour. There were even extra seed packets sent which was a very nice surprise. I support Purpose Over Profit business such as this, because they're doing the Lord's Work helping those in need. What an amazing experience. Thank you.

Jason. Thanks for those kind words. Full Disclosure: Tennessee is a huge state! Fun fact: Tennessee's distance across is further than when we ship seeds to Atlanta, Cincinnati, Louisville, Columbus or Indianapolis.
Great first experience!

Prompt delivery. I was given an extra pack of seeds! Will definitely order again!

Spaghetti Squash

No problems with getting my seeds. Prompt delivery. Used seeds last year and my garden did well!!These seeds are worth paying a little more!!

Sprouts Already

I'm happy to have found a local company with a quality product that also gives back. Packaging was minimal and nice with instruction included. Sowed these outdoors a week ago (last week of April) and already have little cucumber sprouts. So far so good!

Savory Perfection Cabbage

I was so excited to get my seeds and to my surprise I received three additional seed packets that I did not order. I also received them just a few days after I ordered them. So just in time planting. I planted them the same day I got them.

Found my new seed company

Even if you put all the good they do aside, this is a great seed company. They offer quality seed, at an affordable price with speedy shipping.

Well said! Its like kids eat free day at the Sizzler!! No, its actually way better than that :| Thanks Liz!

Can't wait to grow these seeds !!!!

The new seeds are here!! The new seeds are here!!

I was extremely fired up to receive my seed pack from Mauro the other day! Can't wait to get things "growing"!!! Thanks for making these fantastic seeds available!!


Clearly my children are thrilled with the prospect of tons of brussels sprouts; alas, I am as well!

Please note that in the terms of service, you agreed to the indemnification clause which absolves us from any liability from harm or trauma that our products may cause children - including, but not limited to - asparagus anxiety, post traumatic beet disorder and brusselphobia.

Gorgeous packaging, fast service, clever marketing, and of course it goes without saying that the giving back is the best part! Can't wait for veggies!

Couldn’t be happier!

I love this company. They have excellent seeds, customer service, and a great mission!


I love this company and their seeds!

Favorite seeds of all time.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. What a great company to support!


Red Russian Kale