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Highly Recommend!

I wanted to wait to submit my review until after I had planted my seeds. I ordered a LARGE selection of seeds including two of the bulk variety options. It has been about 2 weeks now & the seeds have sprouted and are doing very well! The packaging was colorful & had some fun designs on them. A few of the packages have the same design so it was a little tedious to have to turn them over to read the label on the back b/c I kept forgetting which was which (only tedious when you have soil on your gloves & you're trying to plant a lot at one time)
The shipment arrived very quickly & I would recommend these seeds to anyone from a patio gardener to a homesteader! Thanks again Mauro!

Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

Great experience! Arrived quickly, cute packages, great cause, and got the little babies planted in the dirt. Excited to see them grow.


I ordered Roma & Tennessee Orange tomatoes. I received the shipping in perfect condition! I cannot wait for them to start growing!!!!

Curly Kale Seeds

My seeds arrived in 3 or 4 days from when I placed my order. The seeds look healthy, I hope they produce well. Dave seems to really care ,email me to let me know on the progress of my seeds

Very Quick shipping

Ordered my seeds on Friday afternoon and received them on Monday! Will submit another review after planting

Spinach Seeds

The Heirloom Tomato Seed kit arrived on schedule and the seeds appeared to be in good condition. After soaking them overnight, they were placed in peat pots with potting soil and incubated. They haven’t had time to germinate, still I’m looking forward to working with the plants.


My entire order came a few days earlier than expected-yeah! I will be planting in my greenhouse the last week in March. So excited to see everything growing!

Pollinator Wildflower Seed Bomb


Great transactions

Heirloom Tomato Seed Kit

We are very pleased with Mauro seeds! We got our seeds quickly and the shipping was only $1.00! They even gave us a free pack of Mauro tomato seeds, a gardening help book, and a sticker! We will definitely be buying more seeds! Thank you!

Every seed packet I ordered arrived before the estimated time. I am excited to plant them around Memorial Day as I live in Michigan. I will be planting them in my mini green house in about 5 weeks.


Fast shipping and great service.

First Thyme Buyer

I can't speak to the quality of the harvest yet but on first opening I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging of the product. I bought from Mauro because I loved the #growonegiveone initiative but the quality of the graphics, text, and design of the packaging was refreshingly modern. It was a delight to look over each packaging and find the carefully selected new testement references. Everything about the packaging got me more excited to get my garden started. Knowing that someone in need has benifited from my purchase is a joy I have never felt in seed buying before. Excited to be a new customer!

A review after my own heart. Make your voice herb. Thanks Alex. Good growing!
Bush Green Beans

We can't wait intil spring to plant these seeds.


Mauro Seed was professional and provided prompt service. I ordered Friday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday. They have been very helpful along the way with updates and provided a planting guide with the seeds, especially helpful for new gardeners. I was also able to find heirloom varieties that I have not found elsewhere. They also give back, donating seed to those in need with every package you buy. I would recommend them and plan to use them in the future.

I like non-gmo zucchini

I have not yet had a chance to grow any of the garden full of non-gmo seeds I have purchased, so I can't give any feedback on germination or propagation rates yet. However, I did receive the items I ordered in a timely fashion.

Great packaging! Thoughtful kits!

Will buy again!

Love it!

Just received my seeds - love that it came in a 90% post-consumer waste, compostable bag. Can't wait to plant!

Summer Garden Packet

Totally thrilled from order to arrival. Love the personal service. I have purchasing my seed starter trays on my mid Feb to do list. Anxious to see what sprouts and produces!!

Looking forward to great vegetables this summer. We are trying a few different vegetables this year like butternut squash and broccoli. We can't wait to have them on our table😊

Cool Season Garden Seed Kit 💜

Thanks, Dave, for shipping my first order! I’m so excited to get started planting this week!