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Veggie Seeds

I received my seeds in a timely way and they came with a little gardening tips book. I am very very pleased with them so far, but of course I have not planted them yet! Soon tho...

Pickling Cucumber Seeds

Cute designs, great seeds

This is our 2nd year ordering with Mauro, and we've been pleased both times. Pretty packages, sprouting seeds, and love the giving program too.


Tomatillo seeds won’t sprout.

Very happy to buy from a local business

The whole buying experience was great. The online store worked perfectly, the delivery was fast and will shop again.

seeds for herb garden

Our order was processed very quickly (even though it was made on Christmas eve day). It arrived with at least $10 in extra seeds (assorted veggies), which is nice. Won't be able to plant for awhile, so we don't know how well they'll grow but we are very happy with the level of service and really appreciate Mauro's mission.

Awesome customer service

My seeds were delayed not by much, I didn't even realized this until I got the seeds and got a note from Mauro that he had added a pack of seeds as a gift to make up for the delay. Awesome customer service!

Im very happy with the way you gave extra seeds for delay. Shows care for the customer. Seedlings are already making their way up through the soil. Thank you

Amazing Company

I have been purchasing seeds from Mauro for a couple years now. I love their mission and they always deliver a great product. Thank you for all that you do!

Thanks for the additional seed packets that came with my order...nice surprise!...also, the "Grow Guide" is going to be very helpful...I'll be starting these in my greenhouse in the next couple of days...looking forward to a late fall harvest!

Way too many cucumbers!

I couldn’t keep up with the production! Whew! So if you consider a high producing plant a good thing, you’re going to love this one.

My bells are so beautiful!

We got first place at the fair in three different age categories! They are red and they are pretty. Producing so well. I just went to the garden yesterday and got half of a 5 gallon bucket full off of one plant.

Got winter seeds pack

I got seeds I am pumped. I am a brand new gardener, also I am glad for the growing tip book included. Plus I have been contacted so I have a way to get questions answered. Love that my purchase really helps others buy one give one. I will try to grow.

Pollinator Wildflower Seed Bomb



Thanks for making sure I fill out this review. Haven’t gotten to planting, but awesome.

Watermelon seeds

Thank you. Hopefully they bring a super harvest.

Loved Our Seeds!

We ordered online and planted this weekend. We apparently live nearby the Mauro family outside of Nashville; so Dave dropped off the order on a Friday so we could get started that weekend! The packaging is great and nice to be to support local & charitable cause. Thanks Dave!

cantalope seeds

The seeds arrived on time and packaged perfectly. Will be planting them soon.
I will be ordering seeds next year and thank you very much.

B. Krebs

Sweet Basil Seeds

Best Seeds Ever!

Thank you,

First Timer...New Favorite

Can simply tell they are customer focused. Did a wonderful job with my seed order. Can't wait to see them grow in garden! Thanks so much.

Summer garden seed kit

Nice variety of seeds.

Seedlings growing strong and straight!

No dud seeds here. They are growing strong and true.