The Seed Rack Reborn

The retail seed rack hasn't changed in over 100 years - but retail has. Customers expect more online and in-store. That's why smart retailers are replacing traditional seed racks with beautiful, Seed Kits from MAURO.

Seeds are good business, but seed racks are not.

Your customers garden and they love to buy seeds. But seed racks require too many SKU’s, inventory, capital outlay, floor space and are a labor nightmare. Packs are easily damaged and too many choices for your customer leads to decision fatigue, abandonment and time wasted not shopping rest-of-store.  Our seed kits are beautiful, carefully curated and are built for buying, not browsing.

You are not the Big Box.

You work hard offer your customers a differentiated experience compared to behemoth retailers. That feeling is lost once your product selection looks the same. Offer new products that customers love that can’t be found in big box stores. Sayanora seed rack. 

Sell Brands that Stand for Something.

Millennials are the driving force of retail growth. 79% buy from socially responsible brands and 70% will pay a premium to do so. Attract and retain the largest consumer group with new products that forge deep customer connections. Seed racks are so 1900's.

Better ROI.

Seed racks are made for the seed company, not retailers. You unwittingly buy hundreds of varieties - when only a 10% sell through.  Seed Kits from MAURO are carefully curated bundles made up entirely of best sellers in the category.  Get better sell through per SKU and 10X ARPU.  Focus your capital only on products that move.

Enter MAURO Seed Co.

MAURO Seed Co. is a social enterprise seed company based in TN. For each pack of seeds we sell, we donate one to someone in need. Grow one, Give one. We have been featured in Forbes, the Tennessean and USA Today. Our products look good, sell good and do good.

Our eye catching retail ready packaging will stand out in any location. Our varieties are seasonal, themed and color coordinated to drive multi unit purchases. Make no mistake, however – these seeds are for dough, not for show.

Mauro is the only seed company with a social mission. Our “Grow one, Give One” model has been featured in the Tennessean, USATODAY and Forbes. Our seeds are grown in several countries around the world to feed the world’s poorest. Distinguish your brand by offering ours. Our halo is your halo.

Retail Seed Rack Reborn

7 Reasons to Sell MAURO Seed Kits

This product is designed to sell, not to stock. Our curated bundles allow specialty retailers to significantly reduce the # of SKUs versus traditional seed racks. 

  • 95% reduction in # of SKUS
  • Capital focused only on best sellers
  • Less floor space.
  • 90% Higher Average Revenue per Unit. 
  • Customers buy, not browse. More time to shop the rest-of-store.
  • 75% less labor and replenishment costs.
  • No stock loss from handling damage.
  • Social Enterprise Model. Our halo is yours.
  • Beloved brand invokes customer loyalty.
  • Unique. Stand out from the Big Box stores.
  • Multi-Channel. Sell in-store and online.
  • What do you really have to lose?

Okay, I'm Sold.  What next?

Awesome!!  We make it really really simple to do business with us.  As a retailer, you can order our Seed Kits for 50% off using coupon code RTLR50.  You pick which ones you want use the code and we do the rest.  Minimum purchase is 20 seed kits ($200).  Shipping is free on your first order so you have nothing to lose. If everything works, and you sell through, just buy more. We are super easy to work with and have massive love for our retailers.

Order wholesale seed kits with code RTLR50 here.

MAURO is a leading provider of non-GMO, heirloom garden seeds.

When you buy seeds from MAURO, not only do you get great seeds, but you support a great cause. Forbes, The Tennessean and The Organic & Non-GMO Report have profiled our company and our mission. We put our heart and soul into this business to help others. have profiled our company and our purpose. Give back with each pack and grow your best garden.
Retail Seed Rack Reborn