Target + MAURO

There are 50 million gardeners in the US - and they are in your stores right now. But seed racks from the old seed companies are confusing and keep customers from shopping the rest of your store. Seeds do sell in spring, but Target needs products that share its eye for attractive packaging and simplicity in the category.  


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A Better Product and Business Model.

That's why we built beautifully packaged, hyper-curated seed kits that stand in store and online. Fewer SKU's and you carry only best sellers - not hundreds of varieties that nobody buys. And each seed kit has an illustrated grow guide for the first time gardener. Bottom line - we made seeds simply sexy.

But That's Only the Half.

We are the only seed company with a social mission - to empower everyone on the planet to feed themselves. That's why for every pack of the finest non-GMO garden seeds we sell, we donate one to someone in need. Grow one, Give one. Last year we gave enough seed to produce 1,000,000 pounds of food for some of the most impoverished people on earth. We have been featured in Forbes, USA Today and the Tennessean.

Changing the Category.

We replaced the seed catalog with a cause.  Customers love MAURO products and love our mission. Distinguish your brand by offering ours.