Biofortified High Protein Corn Seed
Biofortified Protein Corn Seed
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Biofortified High Protein Corn Seed

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Biofortified High Protein Corn Seed

Biofortification is the process of using conventional (non-GMO) breeding techniques to raise the nutrient levels of staple crops.  This technique originated in the 1960's and has been adapted worldwide to eradicate malnutrition.  MAURO is the first to bring biofortified corn seed to market in the United States.

How we found

We learned about biofortification in our international giving mission. In Guatemala, corn is deeply rooted in culture and is the most inexpensive food to produce for poor rural families. Corn lacks essential nutrients needed for proper development and as a result, nearly half of all Guatemalan children suffer from chronic malnutrition, stunting and poor cognitive development. Researchers can use conventional breeding techniques to increase the nutritive value of staple crops to address widespread malnutrition.  

How it works

Traditional corn is nutritionally ineffective for the human body because it lacks essential amino acids to make a complete protein. Our Biofortified High Protein Corn seed is naturally bred to deliver a complete protein profile on par with eggs and dairy. The flavor and texture are identical to field corn. This makes corn the ultimate plant based protein because it instantly enhances traditional corn applications like corn chips, tortillas, cereals, etc. 

Why you need it.

We learned in 2020 our food supply chain is fragile.  You need a field corn because it is the only kind you can store.  You have to eat sweet corn right after you pick it.  You let field corn dry on the stalk and it stores without refrigeration to be later ground into grits, cornmeal, polenta, etc.  If you only eat regular corn, you will not get the protein that your body requires. MAURO High Protein Biofortified is a field corn with a complete protein profile.  Think of it as a cheap insurance policy.

What we have seen.

The stats this variety is adapted for the corn belt but has had tremendous success grown in the southeast. We trialed it and were super impressed.  It grows on rapidly emerging and sturdy 9 foot stalks.  Impressive characteristics make MAURO High Protein Biofortified Corn Seed the finest high protein corn variety.  

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Im very happy with the way you gave extra seeds for delay. Shows care for the customer. Seedlings are already making their way up through the soil. Thank you


Picking my seeds were easy and the shipment got to me fast and in one piece. Haven’t planted yet but will see how the seeds produce! Satisfied so far!!!




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