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..for now. Pray for those in need. Become self sufficient. May our paths cross in the future.

There are a million garden seed companies. There is only one built to give back. For each pack of non-GMO, heirloom vegetable seeds you buy, we donate one to someone in need. Join our mission to empower everyone on the planet to feed themselves. Grow one, Give one.

Purpose before Profit.

We use the power of business to help others. Learn how we give back.

Our Mission.


Seeds in my hand 2 days after purchase. And free shipping. Mauro will be my go to place for veg seeds from now on.

Susan Latta

Mauro is so generous. A true philanthropist of the gardening world.

Elizabeth Stubblefield

My number one place to buy my favorite garden seeds. And every seed I've planted has germinated. Seriously. Thank you & Dios Es Bueno!

Stephanie Urick

The Mauro Seed Company goes out of their way to send great products and please the buyer - Highly recommended !

Bill Teabo

I was OVERJOYED to find MAURO Seeds.  I am pleased to report that EVERY SINGLE seed type has sprouted in less than 7 days. 

Cara Harrop

Excellent customer service, very personable, fast shipping, great packaging!! Well done:) No doubt we'll be return customers!

Grayson Fritts

Non GMO and give one when you purchase one. You set a wonderful example and I'll be back again and I have already reccomended your company to several friends. Cheers!

Jacquelyn Gianios

The seeds arrived in such cute packaging, and reusable for collecting seeds from my heirloom plants! My Brussels sprouts have sprouted up already and they're in my sunny window waiting for their second set of leaves. Thank you!

Sharon Pennington

I Love your seeds and packaging. And your ethics giving back to community are top notch. I will always come back. Thank you.

Brian Wallace

YOu love


Award Winning.

We are proud to have won the esteemed Tennessean/USA Today Award recognizing companies that give back and have been profiled by many fine publications.


Top Rated.

Our customers love us, the proof is in the review. We have 4.995/5 stars from our customers. They love both what what we do - and our seeds too.


How To Grow.

Nobody knows what they are doing the first time. That's why we wrote the Garden 1.0 Grow Guide. The essential primer for first time gardener. 


MAURO is a leading provider of non-GMO, heirloom garden seeds.

When you buy seeds from MAURO, not only do you get great seeds, but you support a great cause. Forbes, The Tennessean and The Organic & Non-GMO Report have profiled our company and our mission. We put our heart and soul into this business to help others. have profiled our company and our purpose. Give back with each pack and grow your best garden.  Grow with MAURO.

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